The day is getting shorter. Twilight zone tactics.

Even though September is just around the corner, fishermen are still pretty active fishing the lakes.
Kristinn Helgi Sveinsson visited lake Elliðavatn, that is just few minutes driving from Reykjavik, on night last week.  He witnessed many trouts jumping  all around the lake and for him that alone was a pleasure.  He was trying with the fly but nothing happened so eventually he caught one 4 pounds on the worm bait.  The trout was 58cm.

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First cast catch!

Fish hooked in first cast!
Gunnar Þór Gunnarsson went to lake Úlfljotsvatn and cought this nice brown trout in first cast!  There is a nice season coming up in the lake fishing.  The char is coming near the banks for feeding.  The char is a great fighter and the big brown trout is coming closer.

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