Lake Vestmannsvatn



Vestmannsvatn is located in Sudur-Þingeyjarsyslu in North-Eastern Iceland.

Practical information:

The lake is 2.4 km2  Reykjadalsa river runs to the lake and Eyvindará river runs from the lake.  The maximum deep is about 10m with an average depth of 2 metre. 

Distance from Reykjavik and the nearest township.

Distance from Reykjavik is about 455 km and 24 km south of Husavik. The lake is by the road no. 845

Fishing area:

You can fish the whole lake, but no closer to the rivers than 100m.    


There are many option in the area.  Camping and restaurant can be found at Dalakofinn, Laugum that is few km away from the lake ( more info at 

Fishing potential: 

Both brown trout and char can be caught in the lake among with occasional salmon.

Daily opening hours: 

Fishing is allowed from dawn to dusk.

Fishing season:

Fishing season starts 15th of May and ends 30th of September.


Fly, lure and worm is allowed.

Best time of the year:

Best season is early summer and late summer, thought is is rather even.  Fishing is best in the morning and evening but it is also very good in the mid-day.


Please register before attending to fishing at Dalakofinn (Laugum) and show the Fishing card and some ID.  Littering and off-road driving is forbidden.  Children under 14 are allowed for free, if accompanied by adult cardholder.  Dogs are not allowed to run free in the area since it is rich of birdlife.


Dalakofinn, restaurant Tel.: 354-464-3344 –
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