Location:  Hnit: 63° 56,842’N, 20° 30,179’W
Gíslholtsvatn is located in Holtum, near the town Hella that is on  the South coast of Iceland.

Distance from Reykjavík and the nearest township:

Distance from Reykjavik is  85 km to the lake.  Turn to road Heiðarveg no. 284 from Highway no. 1,

Practical information:

There are two lakes in the area.  Cardholders can only fish in the eastern lake, in the west part of that lake, in the land of Gislholt.  The lake covers about 1,6 km2 and rises 65m above sea level.    The greatest deep is about 8m but average depth is about  2.5 m.

Fishing area: 

Fishing is allowed in the west part of the eastern lake, see map in the brochure.


Camping is available.  Please contact landlord prior to camping.

Fishing potentiali:  

Brown trout and char can be cought in the lake.  There is a good potetional through the summer.  . 

Daily opening hours: 

You can fish day and night..

Fishing season:

All year around.  You can also fish through ice in accordance with the landlord.


Fly, lure and worm.

Best time of the year:

The peak season is May – June, thought there is a good fishing through the summer.

Additonal information:

Please take care near some banks, because they can be fragile.


Littering is forbidden.  Please have the Fishing Card visible in your front car window for the landlord when he visit and check.   Fishing is only allowed on the property of Gislholt. No dogs are allowed to run free by the lake. Children are allowed, free of charge, if accompanied with adult cardholders.  .

Landlord / Contact:

Bryndís Dyrving, at farm Gíslholt, Tel: 487-6553 /
GSM: 847-5787
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