Lake fishing in Icelandic nature is a tempting option!
It is nice to get out of town, with friends, family or just by yourself, to fish in Icelandi wilderness.  Watching birds and see fished breaking the water surface while feeding and enjoying spectacular landscape in totally different envirement.  Whereever you are in Iceland, the next lake can´t be far away.   You don´t have to schedule a licence, since you can just drop by at next lake in most cases and start fishing.
Lake fishing is very economic sport.  With the Veiðikortið (The Icelandic Fishing Card) in your hands, you don´t need any additional payment for fishing.  You get all basic info you need in our brochure, but for full details just print our lake information here on this website.  In most cases you can also camp by the lakes but it is recommended in most cases to contact the landlord prior to camping.


Lake fishing is relaxing.  You don´t  need to worry like when you are salmon fishing, were you might need to change beats every now and then.   In lake fishing you just fish and enjoy yourself without wathcing the time.  Time stand still in a way and you forget time.  In most cases you can combine i.g. lake fishing and hiking very well together.

Trout and char – exotic food:

The fish in icelandic lakes is wild and clean.  You can cook your food on the waterbank in all cases.  Just make sure you don´t leave anything else than your footprints on a fishing area.  Though we don´t recommend you to eat the big brown trout at lake Thingvellir (Þingvallavatn) since when he is bigger than 5 pounds it might include to high volume of quicksilver then is recommended.  Specailally not for pregnant women!   You can have your char, trout or salmon smoked here in Iceland and take the quality with you back home, but it takes few days to have it done.  You can contact i.g. the Reykkofinn for more information about that.

Family trips:

Many people have memories from a nice fishing trips with their family.  Things have changed a bit, and kids are spending more and more time in the computer.  It is good for them to go into the nature and fish.  It is relaxing and exiting and when the fish bites it changes into unforgettable memories.  Lake fishing is a fine solution for a family to spent more time together.
Veidikortid website:
On this website, you can find a information about each lake as well as photo album and a map.  You can also see a "google map" link where you can zoom in an see more detailed map of each area.
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