First day of summer is tomorrow and then the fishing in lake Ellidavatn starts.  Many anglers like to start the season then and there, fish for a while and meet other fishermen. Last year we had 7° celsius at 7 a.m. but tomorrow will probably be colder since the weather forecast is expecting 0-1° tomorrow morning.   

The brown trout will be most likely to take your fly in the early season, so it would be good choice to use some lightweighted streamers.

Here you can find a brochure in Icelandic that Geir Thorsteinsson edited including maps and etc.

Here below are some pictures from last year opening day at Ellidavatn.


Geir Thorsteinsson with nice brown trouts..


Ásgeir Kr. Guðmundsson with nice brown trout that he got in area Helluvatn. 


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Tight lines!



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