(Lake Baularvellir)



Baulárvallavatn is located at the Snæfellsnes peninsula in the western part of Iceland.

Distance from Reykjavík and the nearest township

Distance from Reykjavik is approx. 200 km. and about 15 km from Grundarfjorður and Stykkishólmur to the north. Snæfellsnes´ new highway makes it possible to drive directly to the lake.

Practical information 

Baulárvallavatn covers about 1, 6 km2 and has the maximum deep of 47 metres. It rises 193 metres above sea level. The lake receives water from the Vatnaá river, and dispatches it to the Baulá river. The latter merges with the Straumfjarðará river, which is renowned for salmon fishing.

Fishing area

Fishing is only allowed between the northern bank of the river Vatnaá and the river Straumfjarðará.


Camping is free of charge, however there are no toilets or any other hygiene facilities.   For hotel rooms, please contact Vegamot – (+354-435-6690)

Fishing potential 

There is an excellent prospect for brown trout fishing. The average size of an individual catch is about 2-3 pounds. In the twilight zone we have experienced larger catch, all up to 5-6 pounds.

Daily opening hours 

Fishing is allowed from dawn to dusk.


Spring to 30th September.


All bait is allowed: fly, worm and lure.
The fish can lay very deep in the water so it is better to let the bait sink very deep. Lure and worm normally work very well. In the twilight zone however, the brown trout goes to the shallow waters, where fly fishing should be recommended.

Best time of the year 

The catch is consistent all season. The twilight zone is the best time of the day.


Littering is forbidden. Cardholders can go directly to fish but need to have the card  an appropriate ID handy. Children under 14 are allowed for me, if accompanied by adult cardholder.

Contact / landlord: 

Please have your Fishing Card handy when fishing guard will check for license.
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