We are just finishing the Fishing Card for 2019 and it will be ready first week of December so fishermen can add it to their gift list for the holidays.

Changes for 2019:
There are few changes for 2019, but the new lakes are following:

Hredavatn in Borgarbyggd, small but nice like close to road nr. 1. Holmavatn and Laxarvatn in Dalir. Both are in the land of Solheimar, Holmavatn in the highlands and Laxarvatn just by the road. We are also glad to have Medalfellsvatn back on our list of lakes.

The lakes that will not be available for cardholders are: Geitabergsvatn, Eyrarvatn, Hítarvatn and Þorisstaðavatn.

So there will be many nice lakes for fishermen to enjoy upcoming summer in 2019.

The price for 2019 will remain unchanged or ISK 7.900.-

Here below you can see the coverpage of our brochure for 2019 and picture of the card itself.






You can already order your card and have it sent abroad by mail.


Tight lines!





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