Sigurður Valdimar Steinþórsson visited lake Sauðlauksdalsvatn few days ago. There was lot of activity in the lake and they manage to land two nice chars on the dryfly. 

For those who have not visited this area in the Westfjords it is amazing and different area for the sake of the white sand so it looks like you are in a very different world there. The fishing in this lake can be very good and you can catch local char and trout as well as searun.

The lake is close to the town of Patreksfjordur, but you take the turn to Latrabjarg and drive there until you see the sign to Sauðlauksdalur.

Here below are a couple of pictures from Sigurður from that fishing trip.

Sigurður with a nice 2.5 pounds char in lake Sauðlauksdalsvatn at 12th of July. That char took dry fly.


Sigurdur´s partner with a char on!


Tight lines!




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