(Kringla Lake)



Kringluvatn is located in Suður-Þingeyjarsýsla, in North-Eastern Iceland.

Distance from Reykjavík and the nearest township

Distance from Reykjavík is 440 km and 40 km from Húsavík.

Practical information

The lake is 0,6km2 and rises 270m above sea level. Geitafellsá River runs from the lake into Lake Langavatn. The area is ideal for family holidays or shorts a picnic.
Ice Fishing is possible during the winter.
One should notice the mud, that most often is quite annoying during the spring time, and avoid driving through muddy places.

Fishing area

No restrictions.


Camping is free of charge, without proper facilities however. It is also possible to book a room at the Heiðarbær holiday farm that is located 10-15 km north the lake.

Fishing potential: 

Both brown and char can be caught in the lake. Large brown trout is mainly caught by ice fishing during the winter.

Daily opening hours 

Fishing is allowed from dawn to dusk


Fishing is permitted all year.


All bait is allowed: fly, worm and lure.

Best time of the year and day 

Late afternoon and early evening is the best chance to catch a fish. There is an equal distribution for the whole season.


Littering and off-road driving is strictly forbidden. Cardholders must sign up at Heiðarbær farm and show both the Veiðikortið and an appropriate ID. Children under 14 are allowed for free, if accompanied by adult cardholder. 
Only 30 persons are allowed to fish in the lake at the same time. Therefore it is better to plan ahead and book a place well in advance.
No dogs are allowed by the lake due to the surrounding wildlife.

Contact / Landlord:

Heiðarbær holiday farm. Tel: (+354) 464-3903
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