Lake Þingvallavatn is great at this time of year. The great char is coming closer to the banks to breed. Aron Jarl Hillers went there couple of days ago and got a very nice 58 cm char. Marcin was also fishing there on the same day and also got some nice chars. See below some pictures from them from their fishing trips. 


Aron Jarl with the 58 cm char that was released after the photoshoot.

Marcin Kurleto with amazing char also from Lake Þingvallavatn, taken on a black beadhead nymph.

Here you can see the bead head nymphs that clearly works!  Assume it is fly called Krokurinn.

At this time of year, the ice age brown trout might be more visible since it normally visit the fishermen´s areas when the bright days are getting darker and the twilight zone can be amazing there.


Tight lines!



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