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Fishing comes natural to most Icelanders. The local population has sustained themselves throughout the ages by consuming quality fish, taken from lakes with mostly pure and clean water. In Iceland's countryside you can most often stop at the nearest brook and drink as much as you like without endangering yourself. Iceland's water is clean. Her fish is pure. The surroundings are unique. Your experience will be beyond your wildest dreams.

Lake fishing

There are hundreds of lakes all over Iceland, large and small, deep or shallow. Iceland can offer a huge variety of exciting lakes where those interesting in fishing can expect to catch various types of fish, including trout, char or even occasional salmon. Lake fishing in Iceland is an experience you will never forget.
The actual fishing is in most cases only a part of the overall experience that makes this sport enjoyable. Taking some time off the worries of daily life is a relief for the modern man with his schedules and appointments. Being out there in Iceland's beautiful,wild nature, surrounded by mountains and wildlife of various sorts, can in fact pacify your mind, refresh your soul and strengthen your body.
If you have not experienced lake fishing in Iceland, now is the time. With Iceland's currency devalued by over 50% you can actually spend a wonderful week in Iceland without digging deep into your savings or take a second mortgage. Iceland is, at the present, actually fairly cheap. However, you will most likely want to cut cost as much as possible, without downgrading the thrill of your experience. 
Purchasing the Fishing Card (www.veidikortid.is ) is the most economical way of lake fishing in Iceland. It gives you access to 36 lakes all around the country and costs only 6900 ISK (about 40 Euros or 47 USD). It is valid for the calendar year (currently 2014) and can be used as often as you wish.  In comparison, a day ticket to most comparitive lakes will most likely cost about 1500-3000 ISK, and does not include various services included in the Fishing Card package. 
If you do not have fishing equipment with you to Iceland you might be able to rent a fishing gear at next tackle store or obtain a guide, i.e. at www.gofishing.is, who could help you with the necessary arrangement. 
You can find information in English about the lakes that are included in the fishing card by choose English at www.veidikortid.is or www.fishingcard.is.

Streamwater salmon fishing

If you like salmon fishing better you might need to buy the day ticket in advance (December-January).  However, purchising tickets might be possible at arrival at the Reykjavik Angling Club, www.svfr.is. 
The more expensive rivers are most often accompanied with luxury fishing lodges. There you might need to purchase meals and other services for a price of 15-30.000 IKR per day, if food is not included in the price.  Smaller rivers are most often self catered so and do thus require the fisherman to bring with him camping gear, such as a sleeping bag, and his own food and other necessities.   
Salmon fishing in Iceland is an expensive sport. The price per day varies, as some rivers are more popular and yield more catch. Normal prices are between 25.000 and 60.000 for one rod per day, but numbers such as 100-200.000 pr. day are not uncommon.  

Streamwater trout fishing

Troutfishing in Iceland's rivers is of course very exciting. As regarding salmon fishing, you will most often have to purchase your license in advance.  Sometimes there is a fishing lodge included or some information available for accommodation.  You might need to buy full service at lodges or guesthouses/hotels nearby.  The average price is around 10.000 ISK per day, but the best rivers are more expensive, particularly if sea trout is common as in many rivers in Skaftafells County.  
You can reach most lakes and rivers by a family car, however, some lakes and rivers require a jeep.  Please be careful when driving around in Iceland, especially when driving outside the highways.  You can rent a car at various agencies, including Hertz and Avis and even small campers at KUKU campers – www.kukucampers.is for a good price.
We hope these informations were helpful.  Please send us mail at veidikortid@veidikortid.is if you think we have forgotten something or if more information is required on individual issues.  You might also get more information at travel websites such as www.nat.is or the Reykjavik Angling Club (www.svfr.is).


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