If you are travelling to Iceland in the upcoming summer it is great to pre-organize in time accommidation accordingly. There can be difficult and more expensive to rent a hotel room at last minute deal. 

There are many ideal places you can rent close to most of the lakes. You can use the GPS location on each information page for each lake, to get exact location of each lake. There are also many camper-rental operators here in Iceland. Here you can see the online version of the brochure for 2018, in Icelandic, but with basic information in english.

You can order the Fishing Card online and have it sent to you for free, along with the brochure mentioned above. Please note that normally the delivery time can be about 1-2 weeks for Europe and up to 3-5 weeks for location outside of Europe. You can also buy the card upon arrival at neares N1 or OLIS gasoline service station, fishing tackle stores and post offices.

Please also note that if you are bringin your own fishing tackle you need to have it disinfected at the custom authorities, or more info by clicking here.


Have a nice fishing summer and welcome to Iceland!




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