Vífilsstaðavatn is located in Garðabæ, east of the Vifilsstadir, Hospital.

Practical information: 

The size of te lake is about  0.27 km2 and rise 38 m. above sea level. This lake is specially popular in April and May since it is close to the city and it opens early so often it is the first lake fishermen start their fishing season and check if all their fishing gear is up and running.

Fishing area:   

Please be careful with the birdlife.  Best area is normally the south part of the lake and also under the hill on the east side.  IT IS PROHIBITED TO FISH ON A SMALL AREA ON THE NORTH BANK – SEE MAP.


Camping is forbidden


Most common is to catch small char, but also brown trouts.  They are normally not big, but the biggest trout we have heard of recently is about 5 pounds.

Daily opening hours:   

Fishing is allowed from 8.00 to 24.00 every day of the week.


The fishing season starts 1t of April and it ends 15th of September. If you like to do some icefishing, you can ask about licence at the Gardabaer service center at Gardatorgi 7.


Only fly, lures and worm allowed. All other bait and grease strictly forbidden.

Best time of the year:   

Normally best fishing results are in May and June.


Vífilsstaðavatn and its surroundings is a nature reserve according to the Nature Conservation act since the 2nd of November 2007. The lake is in the ownership of the town Garðabær. Please respect birdlife.  Littering is forbidden and please note that no dogs are allowed in the area from 15th of April till 1st of July because of the sensitive birdlife.  Fishermen can go directly to fish but please keep your card handy for the landlord when he might check.  Boats including bellyboats and kayaks are not allowed.
Please respect the nature reserve and don´t throw away litter, fishing lines or hooks since it is very dangerous for the birds
Please note that one fishing card is only valid for one rod!


Linda Björk Jóhannsdóttir, tel. +354-820-8574.
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