Ölvesvatn – The Selá Lakes  (Vatnasvæði Selár)


(Many lakes and creeks in the highlands – limited rods

– please book in advance)



Ölvesvatn (the largest of the Selá lakes) is located on Skagaheiði, Skefilsstaðahreppur in Skagafjörður (Northern Iceland).

Distance from Reykjavík and the nearest township:

The distance from Reykjavík is approx. 366 km and 40 km from Sauðárkrókur. The lake lies about 6 km from the Hvalnes junction, but is unfortunately only suitable for larger vehicles. The road can be rocky, but small jeeps are good, but very difficult for small cars.

Practical information:

Ölvesvatn (Lake Ölves) is the largest of the Selá lakes, but fishing is also permitted in Fossvatn, Selvatn, Grunnatjörn, Andavatn and Stífluvatn, in addition to the connecting brooks and rivers. Ölvesvatn covers about 2,8km2 and is thought to be fairly deep.    

Fishing area:

No restrictions. You can fish all the lakes mentioned and the creeks between the lakes.


A nice fishing cabin is available at the site, with all necessary equipment. Booking should be place at Hvalnes, tel. (+354) 453-6520 or 821-6520 or by email, hvalnes730@simnet.is, prior to arrival. You can also camp there but you need to buy camping fee at the farm.

Fishing potential:

One can expect medium or large brown trout or char. Smaller fish appears to be dwindling.

Daily opening hours:

No limits


The fishing season is usually depending upon the accessibility. Usually the season starts at the end of May and closes at the end of September. 


All bait is allowed: fly, worm and lure. Fly fishing is, however, the most affective option. 

Best time of the day:

There is an equal distribution throughout the day.  


There is a limited access to the area so please book in advance.  Bookings for the house as well are above others.  Cardholders must register at Hvalsnes, and show both Veiðikortið and an appropriate ID. There they will receive a report form to fill out and return after fishing as well as key to access the area. Littering is strictly forbidden as well as off-road driving. Children are allowed, free of charge, accompanied with adult cardholders. All adults entering the area must have license.

Contact / Landlord:

Bjarni Egilsson and Elín Guðbrandsdóttir at Hvalnes. Tel: (+354) 453-6520 or GSM: 821-6520. Direct e-mail is: hvalnes730@simnet.is.
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