At this time of year there is a lot of activity in Hraunsfjordur lagoon were you see normally a lot char and salmon showing their head and tail. 

Kristján Friðriksson went there last weekend with his wife and they got two very nice and fat arctic char and 3 salmons. They had a really good time in this wonderful environment and there were salmon jumping a lot in the lagoon.

The char can be hard to get, and sometime, even when you can see hundreds of chars, it won´t take the fly until you have found the exact fly that they like that moment! Than can sometimes be hard, but the rewards are great when you success!

Here is a fisherman Adam Lirio with a typical arctic char from Hraunsfjordur lagoon.   /Picture Adam Lirio

There is a lot of salmon in the lagoon this year as well in most river systems at this moment.  You could say that the Veidikortid is the best value salmon fishing licence in Iceland!

Here is a young fisherman with his first salmon that he cought and that was in Hraunsfjordur lagoon. It is a tradition 
here to bite off the adipose fin but that is supposed to bring good luck for future fishing.   pic. Stefan Ingvar Gudjonsson


Tigh lines!



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