Here below you can find information regarding the RISE – Fly fishing film festival 2014.

RISE Fly fishing film festival 2014
The RISE fly fishing film festival will take place at Bio Paradis, Reykjavik at the 6th of Mars.  This is the fourth time the RISE is taken place here in Iceland.  Prior the film show there will be a small fishing fair between 18-20, but most of the Icelandic fishing licence dealers will present their rivers among others.
The program at RISE 2014
Many nice films will be presented at the festival.  Below you can see some trailers of the films.

LEVIATHAN Trailer from Gin Clear Media on Vimeo.



Tributaries Fly Fishing Film Trailer #1 from RC Cone on Vimeo.





The entrance fee is only ISK 2000.  You can buy tickets at the tackle store Veidivon.
Ordering tickets:
You can order tickets by sending e-mail at or through their Facebook page for RISE:
This film festival is sponsered by: Bókamarkaður Félags íslenskra bókaútgefenda, Enski Barinn, Fjarðarkaup, Hafið – Fiskverslun, Hreggnasi, Kírópraktorstofa Íslands, Stangveiðifélag Reykjavíkur, Lax-á, Veiðiþjónustan Strengir, Veiðivon og Veiðikortið.
Please contact Stjani for further information at


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