It is already 1st of Mars. That means that the fishing season is just around the corner and fishermen are getting prepared. The first lakes will be formally open for fishing at the 1st of April. 

Even though it is still cold winter, it is only 30 days until the fishing season formally starts. The lakes are still covered with thick ice so we will hope for a warm april so the ice will melt so everything will be in order when the season starts. Last spring was terribly cold, and the coldest for decades. The grass wasn´t green until june so the environment was at least one month later than usually.

So when we wait for the ice to melt, it is just perfect to use the time to prepare, arrange the fly boxes and check the lines and see if all the gear is ready for the upcoming fishing seasons.

You can click here to see when each lake will open for fishing.

Here below are two photos from 1st of Apríl 2015, and from them you can see that there was still winter but the lake was though not covered with ice.


Ekki hægt að segja að það hafi verið vorlegt 1. apríl 2015. 

Vignir Árnason fishing at lake Vifilsstadir 1st of April 2015.


Tight lines!

The Fishing Card team.








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