Lake Hitarvatn has given good fishes recently.  It is a nice lake with very amazing surroundings and nice camping area not far from the lake.  

Vífill Karlsson went there yesterday and he got 14 nice brown trouts and char in only 4 hours.  He was fishing close to the hill called Foxufell.  Most of the fishes took the fly called Krokurinn (or the HOOK if we translate it to english).  The fish size was from 0,5 to 2,5 pounds.  If you want to look at the fly Krokurinn you can find a picture here:

Please note that before you go fishing in Hitarvatn, you need to register and show your Fishing Card and ID at the farm Hitardalur. 


Picture from lake Hitarvatn.

Tight lines,




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