New fishing season is just around the corner here in Iceland.  Less than 50 days until the first lakes will open.  Fishermen is prepering for the new season and checking their fishing gear and filling the fly boxes and many having a quality time behind the flytying vise. Days are longer every day now and we hear from Kristjan Fridriksson, who runs the fly fishing blog at, and he sent us a small review, and introduced us to the event Februarflugu (Flies of Febuary) on Facebook. .

FEBRÚARFLUGUR (Flies of February)
In February and Mars fly fishermen really start thinking about fishing and to fill upp empty spaces in the flyboxes for upcoming season, at least those who tie their own flies. Many angling clubs are having special fly tying evening where fly tiers come together and tie some flies and get inspiration from each other.  Those evening ofter have special themes, i.g. nymps, streamers or dryflies.  And of course there are others that prefer to sit home and tie their favorites and fill up there boxes.
One idea for the upcoming season could i.g. include mix of streamers and nymphs.  You really don´t need endless kinds of flies. You could easily manage with ig. Nobble in black, orange , pink and red along with amzingly efecctive streamers like Black Ghost and the Icelandic streamer called Rekstor. You definately need at least one edition of bloodworm (Blóðormur), Watson Fancy nymph, The Hook (Krókurinn), Black Zulu and of course Peacock nymph after the recipe from the famous flytier Kolbeinn Grimsson. With a basic box like that you should be ready to enjoy a amzing time by the lakes here in Iceland.
Here above are some samples of that Kristjan Fridriksson has been tying recently for the upcoming season.
If you need additional ideas it could be smart to participate in an event on Facebook called Februarflugur, but there fly tiers around Iceland are showing some flies they are working on.  The event is open for everyone and you can find it on Facebook here.
Here is a recipe for the traditional end effective Peacock nymph that is very popular here in Iceland.
Hook: size #10 – #14
Bead: gold
Thread: Black or dark green 8/0
Body: Peacock feathers.
Copper wire around the body.
Tail: Oange floss
We thank Kristjan for his contribution and wish you all a nice time behind the fly-tying vise.
Tight lines!


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