Following information are from regarding disifection of Fishing Tackle.
Please note that you can have your fishing tackle disinfected at the custom authority at Keflavik Airport and Seydisfjordur where the Smyrilline ferry port is located.
Useful link if you like to disinfect prior to your arrive (click here):  Mast



Disinfestion of Fishing Tackle.

In order to protect the quality of its salmon fishery, Iceland employs a number of protective measures. The country has remained relatively free of freshwater diseases and maintains a strict disinfection policy towards tackle and waders imported by visiting anglers. This is detailed in the "Freshwater Fisheries Law" of 2006, prohibiting the use of fishing equipment which has been used for angling abroad, unless the equipment has been disinfected according to the guidelines listed below.
A certificate of disinfection issued by your local veterinary office will be accepted at the airport when you enter Iceland. The certificate should be clearly worded on officially headed paper with the appropriate stamp of approval.
Your co-operation in maintaining a clean and healthy environment will help ensure a bright future for the wild Atlantic salmon.


The equipment should be immersed in disinfectant solution and then dried with a soft cloth. Examples of approved disinfectants are as follows:
1.  Virkon   (1 % solution)         2. Caustic soda (0,2 % solution)
3.  Crystaline soda (5 % sol.)   4. Setex  0,3 % solution)
5.  Korsolin  (3 % solution)       6. Formalin (2 % formaldehyd solution)
7.  Phenol solution (2-5 % solution)
The Company "Kefparking" operates a fast,  24 hour disinfection service at Keflavik International Airport.  Price is  around 40 $ for the first 5 items, with an additional 2.5 $ for each item after the first five.  Contact the custom officers for this service.  You may have to wait for a few minutes.
And please note that all import of fresh bait of organic origin is strictly forbidden. This ban includes for example all kinds of worms, larvae, shrimps, minnows and eggs of fish.   Any attempt to import such bait is punishable by law. Just the same, it may be imported if thoroughly cooked.
(information from where you can find various information about fishing in Iceland)


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