Veiðikortið 2015
The Fishing card for 2015 is expected to be ready at stores around 5-8 of December.
We have never had as many lakes included in the card as now. You can choose from 38 lakes around Iceland and fish as you please in 2015 depenting only on opening hours and regulations in the brochure.
The price is unchanced from last year, only ISK 6900..
New lakes:
We are pleased to announce that the lakes in Svínadal valley, Eyrarvatn, Geitabergsvatn an Þórisstaðavatn are back in the card.  The lake Hopid will no longer be included in the card.
We have already started to sell the card here on the web and we will send all orders as soon as the brochure will be ready late next week.
Here below you can see the look of the Fishing Card 2015 an the front page of the brochure that comes with the card.
Veiðikortið 2015 / Fishing Card 2015
The cover page of the Fishig Card 2015 brochure.
Tight lines!


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