Veiðikortið 2021 – The Icelandic "Fishing Card"
– Access 36 lakes with just one card
Veiðikortið 2021 – "The Fishing card 2021" – is a very economic choice for fishermen and travellers.  With Veiðikortið you can fish almost as much as you like in 36 lakes all around Iceland.
If you have never been fishing in Iceland before, you should read our short info page on Fishing in Iceland.
Only a few lakes are open all year, but most of those stay open approx. between May 1st and  September 30th.
The  Veiðikortið package includes a brochure in Icelandic, but with basic information in English, with all general information regarding the lakes, maps and travel.  Full English translation is available here on this webside, where you can print out the necessary information about each lake or the general use of the card. 
You can buy Veiðikortið here as well at all N1 and OLIS service stations around the country, tackle stores and especially chosen websites.  When you buy the card here online, we will send it by standard air-mail.
Veiðikortið 2021 is valid only for the year 2021.


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