November 2020

We are proud to present Veiðikortið 2021, the Fishing Card for 2021. It will be ready in just a few days.

In the Fishing Card 2021 there are two new lakes that will be added to amazing collection of great fishing lakes.  That is Frostastadavatn in the Highlands and Laxarvatn in Dölum. Bot ideal fishing lakes. Lake Frostastadavatn is probably the best lake for the youngest fishermens since there is a lot of small char in the lake.

The Fishing card has been very popular Christmas gift since it has always been nice to invite those you care about availability to fish in dozen of lakes around Iceland for only ISK 8.900 for the whole fishing season!  

We will inform you when the 2021 edition will be ready but you can already order it onine for delivery when the brochure will be ready, and we will send it to you free of charge.

Below you can see the cover of the Fishing Card 2021..



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We know how hard it can be to peel of the window stickers that comes with the Fishing Card, specially after many years.

With the Fishing Card 2021 (Veiðikortið 2021) comes easy peel off stickers that don´t have a glue. So know you can even sell your car without missing a sticker - you just peel it off and put it in your new car.  We hope this makes live a bit easier and hope you are looking forward for upcoming Fishing Card of 2021.

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March 2020

The Fishing Season of 2020 formally starts tomorrow.  Vifilsstadavatn is a popular lake to start the fishing season. Other popular lakes are i.g. Hraunfjordur that is close to Stykkisholmur and Grundarfjordur.

It will be possible to fish tomorrow, at least part of the lakes that are not covered with ice.

Here is a list of opening dates for the lakes


Hraunsfjörður today.  @Bjarni Júlíusson 


Picture from Vifilsstadavatn 1st apríl 2017. 


Happy fishing season




In only three weeks the fishing season begins formally here in Iceland.  There are some lakes that will open then but other later in april and May.  Some exceptions are with lakes in the highland that might open in june because the roads can be muddy early summer.

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August 2019

There are many nice brown trouts swimming around in the national park these days and nights.  The char fishing has also been great this summer and still is.

Cezary Fijalkowski has been very active in the National Park this summer and he has got more than 70 brown trouts. Most of the big ones.

The other night, Cezary was fishing there with his pal Michal. They got very nice sized trouts and one 20 pounds!

They fished into the dark, and they saw many fishes. It is though very important to know around if you fish in the lake into the dark... so please be careful!

Below you can see pictures from last night from Cezary.




Tight lines!


April 2019

In our new brochure for the Fishing Card 2019, we noticed a bad typo. There it says that Meðalfellsvatn lakes open for fishinermen at the 1st of April, but correctly it should be on the 19th of April but then the fishing in Meðalfellsvatn starts.

Thank you for your understanding and we are sorry for all inconvinience regarding this typo.


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March 2019

Here in Iceland the fishing season starts formally 1st of April, so there are only few days until the season starts.

There is still a small ice on most of the lakes but the winter is fading away so we are rather optimistic for the upcoming season. The lakes close to Reykjavik, like Vifilsstadavatn is almost ready.

There are few lakes that are open all year like Gíslholtsvatn and Urriðavatn by Egilsstaðir. Baularvallavatn, Hraunsfjadarvatn and Saudlauksdalsvatn are open for fishing when the ice has melted.

For Icelanders, it is quite common that fishermen visit lake Vifilsstadavatn on the 1st of April, to see other fishermen and check the gear, since it is at the big Reykjavik area with easy access. Many fishermen wait until 20th of April when the brown trout fishing season starts in lake Thingvellir.

You can find the list of the lakes with opening dates by clicking here.

Hope you are looking forward for the upcoming fishing season like us!

From 1st of April 2015. Let´s hope there will not be snowing at lake Vifilsstadavatn.


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November 2018

We are just finishing the Fishing Card for 2019 and it will be ready first week of December so fishermen can add it to their gift list for the holidays.

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