Hreðarvatn er í Norðurárdal við þjóðveg nr. 1.

How to get there:

Ekið er Norðurárdalinn og beygt vestur rétt sunnan við Bifröst. Vatnið er í um 115 km fjarlægð frá Reykjavík sé ekið um Hvalfjarðargöng og um 30 km frá Borgarnesi.. <<Driving instructions<<

About the lake:

Hreðavatn er aðgengilegt og gjöfult veiðivatn í fallegu umhverfi skammt frá Bifröst. Vatnið er um 1 km2 og mesta dýptin er um 20m. Það stendur í um 56 m. hæð yfir sjávarmáli.

Fishing area:  

See map for fishing area. Please note that you can only fish in the north part of the lake.


Camping is prohibited by the lake. Please search for nearby camping areas or other accommotion since they are many in the area.


Both char and brown trout are in the lake. Most small but many!

Daily fishing hours:  

From 7 a.m until 12 p.m.

Fishing season: 

The season starts 20th of May and it ends 30th of September.


Fly, worms or spinners.

Best season:  

May and June are very good, but fishing is rather even all season.


Fishermen can go directly to fish but need to have the Fishing Card available to show the fishing guard upon request. 
Please send us fishing report at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Don´t leave any trash at the lake and don´t drive off-road 

All use of boast are prohibited.




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