April 2016

Lake Thingvellir was opened for fishing last wednesday, the 20th of April. Some great brown trouts have been fished there in recent days. Contitions has been fine regarding to weather and many fishermen visitied the lake.

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Many fishermen have been visiting Medalfellsvatn recent days. 

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March 2016

It is already 1st of Mars. That means that the fishing season is just around the corner and fishermen are getting prepared. The first lakes will be formally open for fishing at the 1st of April. 

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November 2015

Veiðikortið 2016 is ready and here below you can check the online brochure though it is mainly in Icelandic, but includes basic information in english.

You can get full details by choosing each lake here on our homepage.  

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We are at the final steps of the preparation for the new Fishing Card 2016.

It is a vital timing even though the fishing seaon in not started yet, since many llike to give and get the card as a Christmas present. 

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August 2015

At this time of year there is a lot of activity in Hraunsfjordur lagoon were you see normally a lot char and salmon showing their head and tail. 

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June 2015

It has been a good season so far for the Skagaheidi area.  We have heard from some fishermen and they are happy with the fishing and the size of the fish that seems to be above average.

Lárus Óskar goes up there every year. He went there 18th of June until 21st of June, with his friends.  The got very nice weather and cought about 90 fishes and they were very happy. 

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May 2015
Since that the month of May has been the coldest in decades, the Þingvellir National Park Commitee announced today that it has to delay the bait fishing season until 15th of June, instead of 1st of June that was formally announced.
So there will only be fly fishing allowed in lake Þingvallavatn until 15th of June and all brown trout must be release back in the lake.
We hope that fishermen show this decision understanding for the sake of the brown trout.
Tight lines,

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