March 2017

The fishing season 2017 starts formally tomorrow. The weather forecast is great and the lakes are in good shape after mild winther.

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January 2017

This winter has been unusually warm and hardly any ice on many lakes.

At this time of year, thick ice is normally on most lakes so it has been easy to spend a day on the thick ice and fish through it. This year is hardly any ice on many lakes.  

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December 2016

Here you can read the brochure for the Fishsing Card 2017 online. Please note that the brochure is only with basic information in English. The preinted hardcopy of this brochure comes with the purchase of the Fishing Card 2017.

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November 2016

The Fishing Card 2017 (Veidikortid 2017) will be ready soon. We except to start delivering the card the first week in december and will be send out all online orders that has been placed in recent weeks. 

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August 2016

Sigurður Valdimar Steinþórsson visited lake Saudlauksdalsvatn yesterday.  He shot some photos with his dronw and it is amazingly nice to see the lake from above. It is very rare here in Iceland to have white sands.  Here below you can see the results from Sigurdur´s drone photoshooting.


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July 2016

Sigurður Valdimar Steinþórsson visited lake Sauðlauksdalsvatn few days ago. There was lot of activity in the lake and they manage to land two nice chars on the dryfly. 

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June 2016

It looks like the char fishing season at lake Þingvallavatn has stared very well. Fishermen have had a nice catch last days and the char is very fat and nice.

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The fishing partners, Elías Pétur Þórarinsson and Óskar Bjarnason last weekend visited the Skagaheidi, the Ölvesvatn (nr. 35)  area that is in the Fishing Card. The area was quite vivid, lot of fish and flies that is the main reason for the nice weight of the fish there.

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